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No 4wd on my Passport.

Car: Honda, Passport, 1996     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Repair Manuals

Q.hi, I have a 96 honda passport ex that for some reason will not go into 4wd. Last winter I used the 4wd all of the time and it worked great, now it will not. When I shift the stick into 4hi, nothing happens, no idicator light, no power to front wheels. called a local tranny shop and they said there are some fuses to check, but I can find any. Took the shifter cover off and followed wires to some sort of sensor on the back of the t-case, but it's all plugged in. The wires are black from an exhaust leak and maybe heat damage, but no broken or crossed wires at all. Please help as I do need to get to work in the morning and I have about 2feet of snow in my driveway!

Answer Sometimes the actuator that engages the 4wd gets stuck. If its not that there are 2 relays that operate it. They also rely on vaccum to work.
Its possible there may also be a vaccum leak and the relays are not getting the signal they need.
There are 2 fuses under the dash you can check. One is labeled METER. The other is labeled ELEC. IG.
If both these are good than the i would also look under teh hood. In that fuse box there is a relay that activates the shif on the fly. Have someone push the 4wd button and see if you hear it click on and off as you operate the switch. If you do that means the system is getting power and .. >> login for more

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