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I am having suspension problems.

Car: Audi, A6 Allroad, 2001     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Audi Repair Manuals

Q.Hi, i have a 2001 allroad, and i am having suspension problems. If i park in the 2 highest settings the car will sit fine. When driving along it is mostly fine but when in the lowest 2 settings it drops and the warning light comes on the dash. When parked in the lowest 2 settings sometimes the car will drop on one side, and a hissing noise can be heard, is this a leaking air bag or a dodgy valve/sensor.

I already checked/done: The problem started after i jacked it up but did not put it in jack up mode, so thought perhaps it just needs reset.

Answer If you have already reseted then go ahead and look for a leak in one of the airbags this problem is very normal on allroads the airbags will leak due to a pincht or just because of the age of the car. So I will sugest to check for a leak and go ahead and replace the airbag, the reason why it will not leak on all the levels is because on each level has a seal that mantains the air..

- 2 more follow-ups included in this question discussion..

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