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I have a 1991 Audi 80 with a idle problem.

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Q.Hi. I have a 1991 Audi model 80 with a idle problem. Sometimes when i start it up it wont idle at the notmal level (8000/9000rpm) and instead will go down to 5000 when I start to move in first gear. sometimes it goes away after driving for a while but once it idled so low that it died on me. Giving it more gas doesnt help but it is running rich. HELP.

I already checked/done: not much i am on kind of a tight bugget and one diagnostic quote alone was $108. Im really hoping you can help

Answer The first thing I would do is open the hood and check the fuses. In particular check the fuse for the engine control. Some year/models had a little red cover labeled MOTOR clipped onto the fuse. The fuse is along the side (inside) of the box nearest the fender. Often times owners mistake this fuse for a spare fuse as it is not in a row with the "gang" of other fuses. If this is missing or blown it will create all kinds of fuel mixture issues. If you look down into the slots and see metal contacts, it's missing.

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