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Having problem with 2 of the 3 windscreen washer jets.

Car: Mercedes-Benz, 270, 2002     -    Back to Fix-It

Q.Having problem with 2 of the 3 windscreen washer jets - not related to present weather conditions. 1 works but other 2 do not. Therefore assume not motor/fuse or blockage issues. Car is a M Class. Was happening prior to bad weather but bigger problem now. Any suggestions Thanks.

I already checked/done: Removing dirt from outlets/ ensuring not affected by frost etc

Answer You are likely correct... I know you have mentioned removing the dirt - but they could still be blocked down inside... that is it is just worth checking them with a pin.. dress making pins are best as opposed to safety pins for this because they are thinner and don't chamfer and will therefore go down inside...
Too remove the tubing off the back of the nozzles and blow up through - using a car tyre air line is ideal - but don't blow down the piping or you will damage the one way valve and possibly the motor too...
After that if you can't still get them going, then the usual cure with these is renewal of the noz.. >> login for more

- 2 more follow-ups included in this question discussion..

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