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How to phase to injectors 1 thru 4. 2 short & 2 long leads?

Car: Volvo, 940t, 1992, B230FT     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Volvo Repair Manuals

Q.good morning. 1992 940T b230ft. LH2.4 fuel system. rebuilding for my daughter to take back to school. friend cleaned under hood for me while engine removed. "cleaned" numbers off the fuel injection plug-in connectors. how to phase to injectors 1 thru 4. 2 short & 2 long leads.
too many combinations. nothing in my repair manual referencing my mistake/problem. help. JC.

I already checked/done: research shop manual. trial & error method.

Answer Your injectors are bank fired so it does not matter which is connected to which as they are all fired at the same time. The later systems had a sequential arrangement so it was critical that the correct connector was attached to the correct injector. Just route the harness so it lays best.

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