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Car: Ford, Mondeo, 2005, 2.0 Diesel     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Ford Repair Manuals

Q.Dear Sirs I would be grateful for any advice you can provide me with reference the following:
- When I purchased the above vehicle from my local Ford Dealer they installed a Ford tow bar with the 13 pin electrical socket. My new caravan has an automatic anti-snaking device fitted which has to be electrically powered from the car from a 12 volt supply via the towbar electrics.
Regrettably, such a supply is not available on my vehicle. I returned to the dealership who informed me that the towbar electrical socket is connected via a plug into an existing connector within the car and were unable to assist me any further.
This type of connection would suggest to me that the system should be fed through a fuse as a safeguard, do I/they need to install a fuse within one of the existing fuseboxes to make the system live?

Answer Ok, if the tow bar wiring has been fitted into an exsiting socket in the car then yes this will be fused.
Your mondeo has a GEM (generic electronic module). This module controls all the ancillary electronics such as lights, wipers etc..including the tow bar control. The fuses for the whole ancillary electronics are located here (in the passenger footwell).
So, when the tow bar was installed they will of hard wired it etc, then using Fords diagnostic computer, they will tell the GEM module that a towbar has been installed. This then makes the system Live.
However if there is an after market towbar kit installed (non Ford), .. >> login for more

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