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Intermittent problem with selecting reverse

Car: Audi, A4, 1998, 2.8 petrol     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Audi Repair Manuals

Q.Audi A4 Quattro 1998 Auto. Intermittent problem with selecting reverse. Also when in reverse it sometimes jumps out. Any idea??

More Info required Could you please clarify your question?
Not being able to experience the condition first hand puts me at a significant disadvantage. If you can better/best describe the condition, as well as anything else that has been done to try and correct the issue. Also a time line of the events that led to the condition would be quite helpful. Please include the mileage.
Please allow me to clarify. This is an automatic transmission vehicle and the transmission "jumps out" which I interpret as going into neutral. Is this correct or does the transmission seem to "slip", typically when trying to reverse up a hill?

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