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Q.engine runs normal for about 20 minutes then temp guage starts going over the mid mark. If I put the HVAC on it cools down a bit.

It appear that overheating is due to the Electric Fan not coming on when the engine is hot. Changed water pump, Thermostat, Coolant Sensor on radiator, coolant Sender at back of engine and Electric fan. Problem persists.

Observation: Electric fan comes on with the AC but does not come on if AC is off and the engine is hot (75% on Guage).

Any words of wisdom as to where to look?
What do you think is the issue, how can I verify the diagnosis and what would be the solution?

Answer Seems like you have a proble with the electrical control mudule, and since you have replace everything, so I sugets you go ahead and replace it you must cut the wires and crimp the new one in see if this help and let me know also make sure you erase all the fault codes out the cluster and the engine control units..

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