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89 CRX HF misses at idle until a/c activated/electrical load applied

Car: Honda, CRX HF, 1989, 1.5     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda CRX HF Repair Manuals

Q.My CRX has anywhere from a sporadic to constant "miss" on one cylinder, especially when warm. At first I thought it was a miss due to a fouled plug. Checked and confirmed good ignition system and sensors. No check engine light. The miss goes away as soon as the a/c system is activated or enough electrical load is applied to cause ELD to increase idle. During this time the idle is butter smooth. As soon as the a/c is turned off and/or the electrical load is reduced the "miss" returns.

The engine spools up fine when the throttle is opened, even to WOT and there is no miss while the engine is spooling up. Spools crisply and quickly.

Slightly increasing the idle manually at the throttle body does not remove the miss.

The symptoms and parameters seem to indicate when the EACV moves to increase idle the miss goes away, which leads me to believe the EACV is either carboned up or bad? I have not removed the EACV for inspection yet....was hoping someone else has had this problem and fixed it already and/or someone has the pinouts for the connector at the EACV for testing? Maybe a test procedure for the EACV?

Thank you for your help :)

I already checked/done: CHECKED AND VERIFIED OK (EXCEPTION IN PARENTHESIS) Cap, rotor, plug wires and boots, wire resistance, plugs (slightly carboned/cleaned), air filter, ignition timing, MAP, TPS, O2s, MAT, CTS, fuel pressure and volume at rail, injector operation, EGR (ports plugged), throttle shaft play, throttle body cleanliness, vacuum leaks, proper operating temperature, ECU for trouble codes (1,3,7 before diagnostic, all resolved), exhaust flow.

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