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Car idles rich .

Car: Honda, CRX Si, 1987     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda CRX Si Repair Manuals

Q.87 crx SI fuel injected Idles rich ..can smell it even with car warmed up (won't pass emissions) Have replaced cap, rotor, plugs, wires, fuel injectors, air filter, O2 sensor. Sprayed cleaner in throttle body. Car accelerates fine. Also the idle drops around 2000 rpm when lights turned on. Don't know if it is related but tach jumps at times also. Only code I get is for O2 sensor once and a while on freeway and also happens frequently when I get towards the bottom of a hill (yeah...just that hill) near where we live. My wife and I joke about it as it comes on at almost the same location every time. There are no big bumps or anything..... Any ideas what might be causing this?

More Info required What is the actual code number stored in the ecm? Does the idle ever get to 750?

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