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Overheating problem

Car: Audi, A3, 2004     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Audi Repair Manuals

Q.2004 Audi A3 3.2. Went to Nurburg last year in the hot June and the car overheated just as I was leaving the track. Followed this up with a trackday at Oulton and I noticed that after 10 minutes, almost exactly, the temp dial went from a steady 90 straight to 130. When I pulled in the fans were not running even though in excess of 100.

Few days later before getting the car into Audi, the car having been left while in work would not start, batery drained. However the fans were now very gently going round and I guess had been the whole day thus draining the battery. Audi replaced the fans under warenty, last day off.

Awesome GTI informed me that the fault would reaccur and that I would need a NIME device fitted, duely done. Today in traffic the temp dial suddely shot ove the 90 degrees and only cooled as I managed to move on, NO FANS again?

What next please.

I already checked/done: Fans replaced, NIME controller fitted.

Answer That sounds like the fans are not coming on again. Especially if this is happening in traffic. I would suggest that you visit NIME's website they have great troubleshooting procedures that will help you locate the fault in the system.

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