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Wheel vibration - can not balance the tires

Car: Toyota, Avalon, 2001     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Toyota Repair Manuals

Q.2001 Toyota Avalon. Had vibration with original wheels and tires. Balanced not help Bought 17 Enkei Wheels and tires. Had balances six times and four different places. Even load road force balanced. Took to dealer They said aftermarket wheels. Put original wheels and new goodyear assurance tires on Still have same vibration at 68 MPH. Took to dealer again. They said they fixed it by having air pressure at 24 pounds. Still vibrates at 68 Worse going downhill and does not always shake at 68. Front seats shake some too in car. I asked dealer if all tie rods, shock mounts, etc were good They said I have bad tires. Would seem that same shake has been there in several tires and two different wheels sets. Any help.

More Info required Clarify a few things:
-How many miles are on the car?
Has the vehicle ever been hit or damaged from an accident?
- The vibration that you speak of, does this happen immediately once you hit speed for the first time after started cold and continue no matter what or does the vibration seem to come and go at times or possibly not start until you drive a few miles?
-Does the vibration seem most noticible at 68 or can it be felt at other speeds as well?
- Do you have the road force measurements from the tires that are on the car right now?

- 4 more follow-ups included in this question discussion..

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