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CRX stalls

Car: Honda, CRX HF, 1991     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda CRX HF Repair Manuals

Q.1991 crx HF has been lurching while in gear or while shifting up. Now it has been completely stalling and then starting back up again. It had finally stalled out and did not start up. This morning it started it an ran for about 10 seconds then stalled. Is it a fuel pump or filter or can it be electrical?

I already checked/done: changed rotor, sparkplugs and rotor cap. unable to remove fuel filter. the thing is welded on or something!

Answer It can be the fuel system or the ignition spark system...commonly it will either be a worn fuel pump, ignition coil or ignitor in the distributor. The first step is to check the ignition spark while the engine is not firing. Do this by pulling off a spark plug wire and installing a spare spark plug in there. Hold the metal portion of the test spark plug against good grounded metal on the enigne nearby. Have an assistant crank the engine and you can monitor the electrode end of the plug for a spark. If you see a strong spark, reinstall the spark plug and we need to test for fuel next. A quick fuel check is to remove the air.. >> login for more

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