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Acura Integra Cold Start problem.

Car: Acura, Integra GS, 1991     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Acura Integra GS Repair Manuals

Q.1991 Acura Integra GS Cold Start problem. My car runs well but occasionally gave me problems starting when it had sat for a week or two. Now, it struggles if it sits for even a day. I have always been able to get it started by adjusting the throttle but it's getting more difficult. Now it will partially catch while cranking and then catch but stumble on for 20-30 seconds before starting. It would only do that if I kept the throttle depressed. If I lifted my foot it would die instantly. The odd thing about it is once it starts, it's perfect; perfect idle without throttle, smooth revving, lots of power and will start again with no difficulty. It's only the initial start when it's been sitting. It seems as if fuel pressure bleeds away from the rail over time and for some reason, it doesn't provide sufficient pressure when the fuel pump primes. Most problems I can think of would have more erratic symptoms. Any ideas welcome!

Answer I would start by changing the fuel filter. And check the spark plugs, cap and rotor for wear. It sounds like you either dont have a good spark or low fuel volume. So start there. Use factory parts as there are a lot of poor quality after market parts out there for these cars .

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