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Run your car on tap water rumor.

Posted on: Tuesday, July 1, 2008

There is a company on the web that says it can transform your traditional automobile with a gasoline-burning engine into a hydrogen vehicle using off-the-shelf parts.

There are other places that will sell you top secret plans for $15 - $20 and you can forgo the million dollar development plans that most current manufacturers are using.

Currently there are no hydrogen generator available to produce enough under the hood to even save gas, never mind completely run on hydrogen produced from the water.
Simple calculations:

Hydrogen burnable (combustible) mixture must be 4-75% by volume with air.
Calculation on how much hydrogen needed for 2.5 liter 4 stroke engine at 5% air/hydrogen mixture.
1,000 RPM
1,000 RPM * 2.5L / 2 = 1,250 liters of mixture per minute
1,250 * 5% = 62.5 liter per minute of hydrogen mixture
this is to run engine purely on hydrogen.
To run the same engine @ 3000rpm you'd need three times as much hydrogen produced = 187.5 liters per minute.

Calculation for 1.5 liter engine - they tend to run at 4500 rpm

4,500 RPM * 1.5L / 2 = 3,375 liters of mixture
3,375 * 5% = 168.75 liters per minute of hydrogen gas mixture
not much of a difference with 2.5L engine
168.75 / 60 = 2.8125 liter of hydrogen mixture per second

Production of hydrogen at that rate would require an alternator that takes-up a most of the space under the hood of any car. At least for now.

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Messed up calculation
posted by: mmmm on Sunday, August 9, 2009 at 03:10 AM
I'm not expert on this stuff, but I can absolutely say that your calculations or assuptions are incorrect. Here's why... almost three liters of hydrogen (much more volitile than gas) ignited in a second would be a BOMB! Way more energy would come out than is required to turn a crankshaft with 3 liters/second.

You should definately consider pressure as hydrogen is a gas....remember good old PV=nrT ?

Hydrogen is more volitile than gas, aka "bigger bang when ignited". It follows that less MASS (not volume) of hydrogen than gas should be needed to create the same amount of explosive force to turn a crankshaft.

We definately do not burn almost 3 liters of gas per second.....