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waxseven's Photo album

1990' Jasmine Yellow color, CRX Si

Engine is stock I only have a k&n filter on it.
Suspension has Eibach sportline with Koni adjustables.
Integra front brakes with AEM rotors.
Reverse indiglo gauges.
Paint is a new chevy yellow.
Alpine tape deck with 6 disk changer,200 Alpine amp for
the highs,500 watt MTX amp,and 3JL Audio 10`s.
Waiting on the motor to go before i drop a B16 in it,and
I already have a turbo that will go in with that motor.
I`m at 170000 so im not sure how long that will be.
Neon lights on the interior.
Strobe lights up in the headlights.
17 inch Velox VX-8 rims with 205/40/17 nitto neo gen
Blue ion angel eye projector headlights with euro clear corners and bumper lenses.

Album submitted: Saturday, November 16, 2002

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