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papasmurf1980's Photo album

87' Smurf Blue color, Honda CRX Si, USA ID

aem cold air system, dark blue tint, short shifter, race buckets, ceramic header, metallic blue twister exaust, 3 1/2" metallic blue twister exaust tip, metallic blue konig monsoone rims, firelli race tires, custom interior, weight reduction, comp. stereo,( pioneer supertuner 4 cd player, rockfordfosgate 5 1/4 3ways, infity 4 1/4 3ways, pioneer comp. 4way 6x9s, 3 crossfire comp. 12's, 1 farad capacitor, high voltage stereo dry cell, 500w rockfordfosgate 6x9 amp, rockfordfosgate comp. monolink 3000 watt amp.

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Album submitted: Wednesday, November 5, 2008

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