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Manual transmission oil change

This is really easy task. You will need 2 qt. of engine oil (yes, for manual transmission on CRX Si 1990 engine oil is used, NOT the gear oil !!! use chart here to select the grade according to your climate conditions, manual pump the same as used in soap dispensers, couple ramps, wrench 17 mm and 1/2' ratchet.
Total work time is about 20 minutes.

Put your car on a ramps First put your car on your ramps and secure it with parking brake and a couple of bricks behind the rear wheels to make sure it stays with you through the whole process.


1/4 inch drive ratchet to remove the drain plug Use 1/4 inch drive ratchet to remove transmission drain plug that is located at the lowest part of it on the right side. It may require some extra force so be careful not to hurt yourself when it'll give up.
When plug is removed - clean it up and remove all the metal particles that may be magnetized to it.

Drain the oil from your transmission Drain the oil from your transmission completely. It's a good idea to drive the car before performing the oil change so oil will drain faster and all the suspended particles with it.
Replace the drain plug and tighten it with the ratchet.
Removing the fill up oil plug Now comes the fun part! Fill up plug has tendency to be too tight and 17 mm wrench may slip. Try using a 6-point wrench to untie the plug. Be very careful as it may slip. Wear protective gloves to avoid injury.
When plug is removed - clean it up and remove all the metal particles that may be magnetized to it.
Slip the pump hose from the top Slip the pump hose from under the hood to the filling hole in the transmission. I prefer to work from the top that's the reason I used this pump, not the one mechanics use to pump oil into transmission from the bottom.
Let the hose a couple extra inches to get under the car.
Let the hose hang under the car Stick the hose into transmission filling hole Go underneath the car and stick the hose into transmission filling hole. 1/2-inch hose would do the job. You can safely move the hose into transmission until it reaches the deepest point. Go back under the hood.
Start pumping fresh oil Start pumping fresh oil into transmission. It'll take ~1.9 quarts of it. When transmission is full - you will see excess oil dripping off the filling hole. Stop pumping, remove the hose and replace the plug.

You're done!

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Maybe not on ramps...
posted by: Dave_Darling on Monday, December 6, 2010 at 10:40 PM
If the nose of the car is up in the air, you will underfill the transmission. When there isn't enough fluid in the gearbox, the Input Shaft Bearing will not be happy in the long run.

Make sure the car is level when you fill the transmission.
posted by: CRXSi on Wednesday, March 11, 2009 at 3:24 PM
Could i use synthetic motor oil in there?

I run synthetic in ym engine so i figure it would be nice for the tranny too
"Repair - Transmission Oil Change"
posted by: wrx2crx on Thursday, January 29, 2009 at 2:50 PM
That's a pretty big 1/4" ratchet. It almost looks like a 3/8 drive ratchet or even 1/2 drive.
Snappy idea
posted by: Craig on Monday, October 20, 2008 at 6:38 PM
Hey, great idea with fill-up!