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Installing SPAL Power Windows on CRX

Finally I bought the SPAL Power Windows conversion kit. SPAL Kits pretty much fit any car on the market.
Installation was straightforward and it took me about 5 hours to do the job. I used power switches I had, not the SPAL recommended. The reason I used them is that they do not require relays.

See big Picture driver door before See big Picture right door beforeI am not discussing here how to remove door covers. You can see them removed here and it's time to get busy.
See big Picture trying SPAL See big Picture trying fit First I wanted to see where I could fit mechanism inside the door. Motor fits great right next to seatbelt mechanism. Just don't get too close to it so belts can do the job.
See big Picture converting handle See big Picture converting handle All steps pretty much covered in SPAL Kit manual. I am just trying to show how easy it is to install it. Basically power windows kit just uses existing windows mechanism by removing the crank. Kit has adapters for most cars and all you have to do is set parts in a right order.
See big Picture trying machanism See big Picture drilling holes Once you have found right parts for your cranking mechanism - attach torque reaction arms on the proper sides. Cut them if necessary and install rubber bushings. After that just drill screw holes.
See big Picture making adjustments See big Picture right side installedHere is how installed mechanism look like on my CRX.
See big Picture installing plug See big Picture plug inside Now it's time to install SPAL crank plug. All you have to do is make the right hole for it. I used exacto knife. Once you have made the right diameter hole just insert the plug holder and the spring ring. All parts provided in SPAL kit.
See big Picture switches inside See big Picture switches installed This is the toughest SPAL installation part I have encountered. First I had to find the electric diagram for switches I had (I didn't use original SPAL switches). It took me about 2 hours searching the Net.
In my opinion the best place for switches - parking brake handle cover. They fit nicely there and can be easily reached.

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window kit
posted by: kcjohnnyboy on Friday, June 3, 2016 at 00:32 AM
how much modification was needed or was it necessary to cut the original door panel to fit the plug? can it just be left "unplugged?"