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Adjusting timing belt.

Adjusting timing on CRX Si/HF/DX may not be as straight-forward as it may look. Markers are unique for different models. Please read pages to make sure everything will work for your particular model.

Timing belt schematics This picture is an overview of timing belt engine parts setup.
CRX Si timing belt marks. CRX Si camshaft setup marks.
CRX DX/HF timing marks. CRX DX/HF camshaft setup marks.

Camshaft sprocket markers. Set the camshaft markers in the appropriate position (for DX and HF models horizontal marks should be in parallel with the valve cover detachment line. Yellow arrows and yellow line on the picture).

Crankshaft pulley markers. Top yellow arrow shows the aiming sight. Bottom yellow arrow shows the markers on the crankshaft pulley for ignition adjustments. Red arrow shows the marker for timing belt adjustments.
Pulley is not set in proper position on this picture!

Crankshaft pulley markers. This is just a blowup picture of the pulley markers.
Pulley is not set in proper position on this picture!

Timing Pointer Timing marks pointer.

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