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Odyssey - Odyssey Cruise Control '03

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Odyssey Cruise Control '03
by: Neal   on: Friday, July 23 2004 at 23:59:33 EDT
Cruise control has been working intermitently, mostly not. Sometimes you can set and drive..
by: Sab   on: Wednesday, June 22 2005 at 13:24 CDT
Within the first 12,000 miles of the vehicle's life, the cruise control failed intermittently. The dealer stated that it was too difficult to tell what the problem was because there are 2 switches for cc. The dealer simply replaced both switches under warranty.
Now, I am at 51,000 miles and out of warranty and the cruise control has failed permanently. Right before the cc failed, my battery died. I jumped my battery and all has been well since except for the cc. I checked the cc fuse, ok. I have an appointment at the dealership tomorrow June 23, but now I am afraid since you were told it was a $500 job to replace an actuator.

by: Bob   on: Wednesday, November 23 2005 at 17:16 CDT
Did you ever figure this out? We are having the exact same problem. Took it to the dealer yesterday and naturally it worked perfectly. On the way home, we tried it 3 times and it would not work. Service manager said it might be a switch or it might be the actuator, but they can't tell until it fails completely. Very frustrating!
by: Mike   on: Thursday, May 6 2010 at 17:49:41 CDT
I have the cruise not working on an 04.How do you tell if it is the actuator or the switch

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