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Honda CR Z - New Honda CR-Z drive test - Success of Fiasco compared to CRX

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New Honda CR-Z drive test - Success of Fiasco compared to CRX
by: Mark   on: Saturday, November 27 2010 at 18:46:11 EDT
Your opinion on a new Honda CR-Z
by: Mark   on: Saturday, November 27 2010 at 19:47:53 CDT
contact MarkI had a great time test driving new Honda CR-Z at a local dealer.Dashboard look quite impressive with Honda-like controls and clear and bright display. Very readable and nothing gets on a way that do not belong there.Seats are very comfortable and being 6'2" I had enough room. Nav system in a center console takes a little getting used too.. It took me a about 5 minutes to get acquainted with controls and so as would anybody who is driving Honda or Acura.Engine compartment has something that would scare away Do It Yourselfers - electric motor/generator/starter. High-tech stuff.Front of the car looks a bit aggressive and I still do not get the looks of it from behind - do not like it at all, like something is out of place or missing. No harmony between curves, angles and the rear glass (but hey, that's just my personal opinion).

Test Drive:
I drove a stick (as opposed to automatic). What killed me is that when I stalled the engine (getting used to clutch) it was immediately re-started automatically (I stalled just once).

We took local streets and a fast route. Acceleration in Economy almost like 1992 Geo Metro while I saw 52MpG on display on a straight road cruising. Not very big achievement compared to my 1990 CRX Si 47MpG which was new 1/2 the price of CR-Z.

In Sport mode acceleration felt like 1988 CRX DX but nowhere near as CRX Si.

Handling is somewhat diminished to Toyota Corolla. CR-Z's rear suspension is simplified to the absolute minimum, rear drum brakes raised a lot of questions in my head (more expensive in production and maintenance and diminished performance) as the car sold as a sports car.

Price tag of $25+ thousand is something that will definitely stop a lot of folks from buying it as CRX replacement, especially after taking a test drive. Never mind that sun-roof is not even available at this time.

My comparison new CR-Z to new CRX Si in 1991:
Price: $25+ - $13+
Engine: 1500cc 108Hp - 1600cc 107Hp
Brakes: front: disk, read: drum - all disk
Suspension: Front: McPherson rear: torsion beam - front: double wish-bone rear: steerable independent suspension double wish-bone type
Gas Mileage: 31/37 - 35/47

I will not go deep into tech specs but based on main (in my view) specs I'd say CR-Z is a big fiasco compared to CRX Si built 22 years ago without using Hybrid technology and Hi-Tech stuff that could be repaired only at Honda dealer. If I did not drive myself CRX Si for 12 years - I wouldn't have believed degradation in specs Honda is selling for as much as twice the money.

For a little more money, I'd rather buy me a VW golf or Audi A3 with DSG transmission. At least I'll have a little more space for a luggage and a snappy car.
We all expected reincarnation of CRX and got (at least me) a reinvention of GEO Metro on steroids.

by: sadlkfj   on: Monday, November 29 2010 at 22:16:13 CDT
Huh? Almost everything in your "review" is a mistake -- the hp, the mpg, the "stall" is a feature called auto stop.

'nuff said.
by: Mark   on: Monday, November 29 2010 at 22:30:01 CDT
contact MarkI agree,
Although it's my review and that's the way I feel about new CR-Z.

One more thing - I "stole" the engine by releasing clutch too quickly, not that it was any feature of "stalling" engine. All I said is that CR-Z started the engine automatically when I pressed the clutch again..
by: aksdjfh   on: Sunday, December 5 2010 at 10:31:36 CDT
> I "stole" the engine by releasing clutch too quickly, not that it was any feature of "stalling" engine.

^worst sentence ever.

Pressing the clutch doesn't start the car again anyway, shifting to first starts it back up.

Again, horrible review, should be deleted.

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