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CRX HF - URGENT: What is this part called?

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URGENT: What is this part called?
by: Adrian   on: Friday, December 11 2009 at 21:04:33 EDT
Hello, so my shifter stick fell through the car to the bottom!! I believe the part that ho..
by: Mark   on: Saturday, December 12 2009 at 03:01 CDT
Hey dude!
look at this page:
you'd probably need all the bushings. It's a pain to remove shifter assembly without a lift but very much doable.
If it is rusted-out (which I doubt) you'll need the whole assembly.
Go to you local junk yard and buy it cheap (do not pay more that $20 or tell them to keep it). I do not know how much is a bushing set (I'd buy it from a dealer) but the whole thing prally gonna be under $50 with the rods.
Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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