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Hello, If anyone is interested and or is in a need of a fully rebuilt Audi A4 and VW Passat Heads. For Local pickup $450..
Thread created by: Salih Jahic on Thursday, September 1 2011 at 16:16:44 CDT
Took car to garage to fix water pipe at back of engine, they dropped a screw into the throttle housing and jammed the throttle plate, now car sputters on tick over and pulling away, also have a hissing noise from underneath the plastic maifold when i switch the engine off, could the garage have damaged the throttle housing to cause the car to misfire, please help.
Thread created by: youngosman on Friday, September 17 2010 at 13:40:11 CDT

I'm sick of main dealer prices! I'm in St Albans. My local Audi dealer has fleeced me for ..
Thread created by: Robert on Saturday, May 21 2005 at 04:39:55 CDT
posts: 1
Thread created by: Marko on Saturday, December 4 2004 at 06:59:29 CDT
There was a post here about a year ago about the IS300 vs. A4. I happen to be the lucky ow..
Thread created by: Ken Nisperos on Thursday, April 15 2004 at 20:26:50 CDT
Hi all,
Thread created by: Dan on Monday, January 12 2004 at 13:39:37 CDT
Need help here, badly...
Thread created by: William Lim on Thursday, July 3 2003 at 21:41:32 CDT
buying a new a4 2003 does anyone know if the 2004 will be any different?
Thread created by: Photo on Thursday, March 20 2003 at 21:05:25 CDT
I have a 2001 Audi A4 Quattro wagon. I have had the car two years, and in that time I've h..
Thread created by: Pingapid on Sunday, March 2 2003 at 15:29:01 CDT

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