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Legend - Car Wont Start

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Car Wont Start
by: Sherri   on: Wednesday, February 9 2005 at 00:37:06 EDT
The other night my husband went outside and our 87 Acura legend was turning over is manual..
by: William Roof   on: Tuesday, June 21 2005 at 04:17 CDT
Have the MAP sensor checked

by: steve   on: Sunday, July 12 2015 at 18:53:52 CDT
I just replaced the fuel pump,fuel filter,fuel regulator,and the relay switch is good but it still doesn't want to turn over all the way. It stays started for about 1-2sec. And then dies. Can you help me out? Also, what is the inertia switch,and where is it located?
by: steve   on: Sunday, July 12 2015 at 19:16:13 CDT
I almost forgot, I own. A 1992 Acura Legend

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