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Replacing the timing belt on 95 toyota Camry v6

Car: Toyota, Camry, 1995, V6     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Toyota Repair Manuals

Q.What's the easiest way to place the timing belt on a 1995 toyota camry v6 3000

Answer this is not an easy job but can be done
Remove the right hand front wheel.
Remove the fender apron seal.
Remove the windshield washer and radiator reservoir tanks.
Disconnect and label all vacuum hoses, cables, electrical wiring and remove the cruise control actuator and bracket.
Remove the power steering pump with bracket.
Remove the alternator and alternator bracket.
Undo the three clips, remove the five bolts and remove the upper (No. 2) timing belt cover and gasket.
Align the line mark of the camshaft pulley with the top end of the cylinder head by turning the crankshaft pulley bolt CLOCKWISE.
Using a spanner wrench to.. >> login for more

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