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Touareg power loss at high rpm.

Car: Volkswagen, Touareg, 2004, 2.5L Diesel     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Volkswagen Repair Manuals

Q.Touareg power loss at high rpm. I have 2004 Touareg R5 2.5D with automatic transmission.
The acceleration after 120kmph is veeeery slow, I can hardly go up to 150-160.
The interesting part is this: I put the transmission in S and go from zero to 100 with good torque, almost ok I would say.
No matter how long the drive in the highway, at 140 kmph in 5th gear it just doesn't accelerate and will never switch to the 6th. But, when in manual override (or D slightly depressing the gas pedal so that it would upshift) the rpm decreases (obviously) and I can feel a higher torque and the car goes up to 160-165. And then it stays there for ever.
So far I replaced the air mass meter cause the torque was lower even @ low revs. The catalitic system is ok, EGR is not stuck, pressure valve checked-ok, no errors in VAG-COM, and the guys at the authorized workshop couldn't figure it out for 4 weeks now. The cars has almost 100 000 km. Thanks.

More Info required I am not sure i can answer but I am wondering if your local shop has a Snap-on Moddis hand held scanner with europian updated software. If you ask and they do then i can help this get solved.

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