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My spark plug wells are accumulating a small amount of oil

Car: Subaru, Outback, 2004, EJ251     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Subaru Repair Manuals

Q.My spark plug wells are accumulating a small amount of oil, EJ251 engine, 60K miles, due for a plug change around now (last changed at 30K).
Should I replace just the spark plug seals or a better idea to also replace the valve cover gasket and grommets? There's no obvious leakage around the gasket but I haven't opened it up to inspect yet and would rather know whether to purchase just the plug seals or the gasket kit in advance.

Answer You will need to change your spark plug tube seals and valve cover gaskets at the same time as they are not reusable.
I also would recommend replacing the spark plug wires as the oil can damage them. You can reuse the little rubber grommets that the bolts go thru but if you buy the gasket kit it usually comes with them. The job is pretty easy to do, just remember to remove the bolt that goes thru the timing cover on the right side valve cover, and it is easiest to remove the oil filler tube on the left side valve cover.

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