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My ignition seems to be broken.

Car: Acura, TL, 1999     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Acura TL Repair Manuals

Q.My ignition seems to be broken. For a while I was unable to move the key from the accessory position to lock to take it out. The starter and engine and car worked fine. Miraculously I was able to get the key out (from the lock position) but now I can not get it back in. Can the ignition be repaired or must it be replaced? If so, what can I expect for cost?

I already checked/done: Moving steering column back and forth. Ensuring car is definitely in park.

Answer Try another key first, We see the keys get worn and cause this. If that doesn't fix it then the cheapest thing to do is call a local lock smith and have the lock repaired. They usably charge about $300.00 for this in my area but call around as this varys from place to place. If you change the lock assy with a new part you will end up with 2 keys or you will need to change the whole lock set. Unless you re key the new part and if your going to re key the new lock you might as well just fix the old lock.

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