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My 98 Accord won't start.

Car: Honda, Accord, 1998     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Accord Repair Manuals

Q.My 98 Accord won't start. There is a clicking noise when I turn The key, but when I tried to jump, only more of the same.

I already checked/done: Jumping then I am stumped

Answer This is most likely the starter itself. Usually the solenoid will go bad and no longer have the power to engage the flywheel and turn the engine. Use a test light or voltmeter and check for power at the starter solenoid by connecting to the solenoid wire(small wire) on the starter and have someone try to start the car. The light should light or the voltmeter should read voltage when you here the click. If there is power at the starter solenoid wire then the starter should be rebuilt or replaced. If you have no power then I would suspect the starter relay. Here is some further testing you can run but I'd do the test above f.. >> login for more

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