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My CRX will crank but wont start

Car: Honda, CRX, 1989     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda CRX Repair Manuals

Q.My 89 Honda CRX will crank but wont start, i was pulling out of a gas station and the car died and wont start back, and since then when you turn the ignition switch on the main relay clicks non stop, i changed the relay new one clicked too, then changed the coil, igniter, rotor button and cap then the main harness under the dash, still no luck ,,all fuses are good and the fuel pump is running and the car wont start please help.

I already checked/done: Changed the coil, igniter, cap, rotor, Main Relay, and the main harness

More Info required pull one spark plug and check the gap and tell me what the gap is?

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