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sporadic problem: cranks, won''t start

Car: Honda, CRX HF, 1989     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda CRX HF Repair Manuals

Q.I have a 89 CRX-HF. sporadic problem: cranks, won''t start. Acts as if vapor locked, but is fuel injected. fuel, fuel filter, air filter, all ok. confirmed spark to plugs. seems temperature related: only happens during mod temps. under 50 or over 100 seems o. k. time usually only remedy that resolves. has always started eventually. HELP!!

I already checked/done: fuel filter, air filter, plugs, wires, purge fuel line, fuel injector cleaner,

Answer If you have spark the issue most likely is the fuel. Get yourself a can of starter fluid from an auto parts store and spray it into the intake when the car won't start again. If the car runs off the starter fluid then dies you have a fuel issue. On that model it's usually the main fuel relay that causes this problem.

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