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I have a 2001 vw passat with the 2.0 ATQ

Car: Volkswagen, Passat, 2001, 2.8 ATQ 30V     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Volkswagen Repair Manuals

Q.I have a 2001 vw passat with the 2.8 ATQ 30 valve engine(audi motor). It has low miles for it's age, only 57,800, and has begun using oil. This car has been overmaintained, more frequent than neccessry oil changes and driven gently. I see no evidence of an active leak, no oil in the coolant, no coolant in the oil, and no oil smell. I changed oil last december and switched to 0w-40 mobil 1. Soon after that I began noticing the consumption problems. Since I wasn't driving it much, I let it go and changed the oil oil again with 5w-40 pentosin and thought for sure this would correct the problem. unfortunately it has not, and I have added a litre of oil after 600 miles of driving. I had it to the vw dealer a month or so ago before the oil change and the technician did not notice anything wrong with it. I was there to do a recall and he actually inquired about purchasing the car because it is so clean. seeing that there are many issues with the pcv system, is is this a good possibilty ?

I already checked/done: changed oil viscosity.

Answer Yes That would be the first place i would look. Although When the PCV allows oil by, the car will usally smoke when started or going up hills. This is very simple to check. There will be a Black plastic tube on both side of motor in the BACK. It will be about 1inch around, will go from valve cover to intake. One side will be easyer then the other to remove because it doesnt split off. It is simple to remove, you just squeeze the conector and wiggle it off. It might be a little wet inside, but it should not be pooring oil out when you remove the tube. If you would like i could send you a picture, just let me know. Also i s.. >> login for more

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