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Car: Honda, Accord, 1990     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Accord Repair Manuals

Q.HONDA ACCORD 1990 WONT START. i stopped by a vallero gas station to get gas. i also purchased a $10 car wash. so after i fill up my tank with gas, i drive my car into the cash wash station. then my car gets washed and as i slowly drive forward, the big car dryer blows my car dry. its strong then i pull out and my car feels like its out of gas. i tryed to floor it and it just sputtered and died. i tried startin it again. samething.
i cheked all fuses. only thing i can think of that can be the problem is my fuel relay cuz i installed a homemade fuel relay kill switch. i cut one of the wire under my back seat then strip the ends and connect longer wires to them so i can route the wires anywhere.
i also added a fuse in between there so when i turn of my car and remove that fuse, my car wont start. anyways, 2 days before this, the fuse that i placed on my fuel relay wiring blew. then it did it again yesterday. i removed my wiring to the fuel relay and connected the stock wires. still no go.

Answer You may have damaged the main relay. I'd replace the main relay under the driver's dash and see if that fixes it.

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