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Power loss problem

Car: Ford, Focus, 1999 V reg, 1796cc     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Ford Repair Manuals

Q.Hi there, can you please help. I have a 1999 V REG Ford Focus 1.8, for nearly3 years now, I lose power ( as if I have taken my foot off the throttle ) the speedo drops to zero and I often lose the digital mileometer. This is an intermittant problem which must be electrical, as the engine dosnt misfire. Ocassionly, when this problem is occuring, the engine "peeters out ( regardless as to whether the speed is 70mph or crawling along in nose to tail traffic. However, there is always a instant recovery with turning the ignition off and restarting the car.

I already checked/done: Because the problem is so intermittant ( sometimes 2/3 weeks trouble free motoring before the problem reoccurs, my local garage can only say it could be one of several parts failing ? !

Answer Ok from what you describe this sounds like a fault with the Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS).
The VSS tells the cars computer the speed of which the car is travelling so fuelling, braking and spark ect can be suited to speed and emmisions.
If this sensor stops working, or the local wiring is damaged the car dosent know the speed and cant fuel correctly giving you your drivability issues.
The VSS is located on top of the n/s/f driveshaft on the gearbox, costs around 30 new from Ford.

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