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Integra wont start

Car: Acura, Integra, 1992, 1,8L     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Acura Integra Repair Manuals

Q.Hi, recently bought a 92 Integra hatchback, 1.8 litr, will not start, no fire at plugs, have checked resistence of coil, had ignitor checked at Auto Zone,(OK), checked position sensors, all three are within spec, removed computer, opened and inspected looks ok, talked to a computer place that services these computers and he told me that unless certain caps are not burned up that ecm is probably ok, my question is, even though distributer checks out OK, could it still be bad and the green yellow wire that goes to the ecm from the ignitor, what signal or voltage should be on it coming from the computer? ,

I already checked/done: checked distributer, computer, and ignitor, want to know if distributer can still be bad and what signal goes on green yellow wire from ecm to ignitor, thx

Addition hi, thanks, did not understand what you meant by "If the signal does not go all athe way to ground then voltage drop the ecm grounds" ? Also should I be able to see the square wave pulse when cranking the engine? And also the check engine lite comes on and stays on for a few seconds then goes out. When the key is turned on.

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