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OBD codes meaning

Car: Acura, RSX, 2002     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Acura Repair Manuals

Q.Hi- My son just put a new pre cat O2 sensor in my daughter's 2002 RSX. There were 3 OBD2 codes before(he didn't tell me which ones) now there are 2. They are both P1164, which looking up codes still talk about O2 sensor. Thanks John.

I already checked/done: New pre cat O2 Sensor

The computer sets this code when the front air fuel ratio sensor is not meeting the voltage range thats its expected to. This is usually a bad sensor but can also be an exhaust leak or fuel system malfunction like low fuel pressure, vacuum leaks or modifications like aftermarket air cleaner.
The front air fuel ratio sensor (what you are calling an O2 sensor) needs to be replaced with a genuine Acura part. Auto parts store type parts will not work for this.
If you have already installed a genuine Acura sensor and you get this code, then there could be an exhaust leak in the exhaust manifold area or a vacuum leak on the eng.. >> login for more

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