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Maintenance by dealer or ASME mechanic?

Car: Subaru, Outback, 2003     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Subaru Repair Manuals

Q.Here's the deal. I own a 2003 Subaru Outback - and it's been a great running vehicle. I am at the 150K mile mark and want to do some scheduled mailtenance.
Do I jeopardize the longevity of the vehicle by having this maintenance done by an ASME certified mechanic rather than the dealer?
Second - it's time for a power flush of the cooling system as well as the transmission flush. I'm always a bit hesitant to see what this sort of work stirs up - will I cause more trouble along the way. Finally - is there some other service that I should do at this time to keep the auto running for miles to come?

Answer An independent technician can perform the maintenance on your car as well as the dealer technician.
Even if the car was newer this would not void your warranty. It is important that they are using quality parts and fluids.
As far as the coolant flush and the transmission flush, Subaru Of America and most other manufacturers do not require or recommend fluid flushes.
The recommended coolant and transmission fluid service is a simple drain and fill. We have serviced many Subaru's for years in this manner with no problems.
Subaru specifically recommends against coolant flushes in TSB #09-42-05. This TSB also recommends ad.. >> login for more

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