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B5 Audi a4 squeaking on cold start

Car: Audi, A4, 1998     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Audi Repair Manuals

Q.Recently I put in a k04 turbo in myb5 a4 because my stock k03 was blown. I have software for the k03 and have yet to tune it and get a upgraded dv for it. I recently got an oil change and told them full synthetic. They gave me standard. I was driving my car a couple days after I did a 3rd gear pull up to 6000 rpm and let off after because for a split second I smelled a burning smell and then it went away. The next day on a cold start, it began to squeak somewhere in the front end but went away when I started driving. Down the road I was trying to accelerate in 4th from 2000 rpm and the car began to jerk a little like it was lagging response and then it went away. I am concerned that the k04 is blown or somwthing else is wrong because the car did the same squeaking noise when the k03 was blown but I can still feel the power from the turbo when it spools up. I don't much about cars so any advice would be great.

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