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Fuel system problems, intermittent starting...

Car: Acura, Integra, 1993     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Acura Integra Repair Manuals

Q.93 Acura Integra, fuel system problems, (intermittent starting), changed fuel injectors & used fuel system cleaner, then had it tuned up & checked, new distributor cap etc., ran good for two weeks, then started having intermittent starting problems again & finally wouldn't start at all. Replaced Main Relay, still wouldn't start (fuel pump not coming on),dropped the tank and changed fuel pump, put it all back together, still won't start, no fuel getting to the injectors. The car will start if I spray starter fluid in the air intake while cranking (runs real rough like that but will start). The new fuel pump cycles on but seems intermittent. I've got 5 to 6 gallons of fuel in the tank. I'm going to loosen the tank and drop it down a bit to make sure I didn't pinch a line, then check all the line connections coming off the tank in case I got debris or gravel in there (my yard is graveled). What else could this be? The two way valve on top of the tank? Anything else possible? Thanks!

More Info required Very first thing we must do, is verify that the fuel pump is either getting power to it or not when this happens.
The yellow with black stripe wire sends power to the fuel pump. We need to tap into this wire to see if we are getting power back by the fuel pump when this happens. THis is extremely important. After this step is done, then we can figure out which way to go next.

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