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Engine cranks but won't start.

Car: Subaru, Outback, 2000     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Subaru Repair Manuals

Q.2000 subaru outback/4 cylinder. Engine cranks but won't start. Checked fuel pump fuse, checked that coil produces sparks for each plug wire. Car was operating fine day before, not shaking or anything. Next morning it won't start. Could the plugs have gone so bad over night that it won't start? Could the fuel pump be bad? If so, were is it located? Any suggestions?

I already checked/done: Pulled the wire from each spark plug and cranked engine to see if spark was reaching each plug. It was. Checked fuel pump fuse. Have not checked/removed each plug yet. Is there a way to check if fuel pump working?

Answer Hi there! Take some carb cleaner and spray it into the throttle body, then crank the car. If the engine fires, then the fuel pump is the likely culprit. There is access to the fuel pump, under the covers in the back of the car. The cover panels may be under the back seat on some models. To test the pump, you need a fuel pressure guage, hook it into the fuel line from the fuel filter and crank, if there is pressure then there is another problem.

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