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My car won't start.

Car: Infiniti, G20, 1996     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Infiniti Repair Manuals

Q.1996 infiinti g20. My car won't start. put the key in, turn, all lights, etc... function. Turn the ignition, and only a single click, then nothing. Anything I should be looking for?

Answer If you battery is fully charged and the terminals are clean and tight, the click you are hearing is most likely the starter solenoid working but starter will not engage and spin. I suspect the starter is bad. Just be sure the other items mentioned are 100%. If you can hear the click in the car, that is loud enough to be solenoid and not just a little relay.
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Disconnect battery ground cable.
Remove intake air duct.
Remove starter motor attaching bolts.
Disconnect starter motor electrical connector.
Remove starter motor.
Reverse procedure to install.

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