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car is shifting hard

Car: Acura, Integra, 1996, B18B1     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Acura Integra Repair Manuals

Q.1996 acura integra LS (non-VTEC) w/ 4 speed auto transmission. car is shifting hard and also would not start after it was warmed up, driven, turned off for a few minutes and attempted to restart (sometimes it would and sometimes it would not). getting a constant CEL on and a flashing D4 light. jumpered the 2 pins little green plug on the passenger side footwell and CEL shows 7 long flashes & 6 short flashes (then long pause and repeats) and D4 shows 1 flash (then long pause and repeats). cannot find these error codes anywhere.

any idea what to look at first?

I already checked/done: replaced electrical portion of the ignition switch. removed main relay and noticed some poor solder joints. new one on order. have not received yet.

Answer the main fuel relay sounds like the start issue.
the codes you recovered from the ecu are
the code 6 is the coolant temp circuit and the code 7 is the throtle posistion sensor.
click here
for code 6
click here
for code 7
click here
for code 1
let me know what you get. Dont worry about the test harness just back probe the connectors.

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