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Snow Tires, Winter Tires and Ice Tires

Posted on: Thursday, December 4, 2008

Driving in a snow during the winter months could be challenging. If you live in an area where snow stays longer than a week - investing in a good winter tires might be a wise decision.

What is "Winter tires"?

It all depends on personal preferences, driving skills, amount of snow on the roads and a vehicle itself.
If roads in your area are mostly icy - studded tires will probably work best.
Packed snow also calls for studded tires but here personal preferences may play a role in choosing the type of winter tires.
If snow is regularly cleaned-up by your municipality - then probably studless tires will do.

Studded Winter tire

Studded tires

Modern cars' and trucks' studded tires are very advanced in design and most of the time you won't feel much of a noise difference while driving on studded compared to studless winter tires.
There are different types of studs in use and they all play important role in how car or truck handles ice, snow and asphalt road.
Pressure sensing studs designed not to damage asphalt pavement and ensure minimal stopping distance.

Studless winter tires

Winter studless tires performs very good on packed and fresh snow. If road ice is not present in your area - studless tires will help you save a few dollars.

Considerations and technical data for winter tires

There are a number of performance factors to consider while choosing the winter tires and tires in general. The only difference is added Snow and Ice ratings for the winter tires.

The following performance ratings should be considered before purchasing winter tires:

Arguably, Nokian Hakkappellitta tires are the best on the World market with a lot of technology and seventy years of experience that went into their studded and recently studless tires design.

If you have a chance - always test-drive tires you about to buy either with your friends or dealers.

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