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yellowhybr's Photo album

1988' Yellow color, CRX Si

88 si with all 91 parts,bumpers lights ,moldings,1991 b16a1 swap,port and polished head,5 angle valve job,skunk2 titanium valves,skunk2 titanium springs,skunk2 titainium retainers,skunk2 intake manifold,J1 tranny with act stage 2 clutch,Apex-i Vafc,True Spoon ecu not chipped,Ha sport adjustable shift linkage,skunk2 shirt shifter,skunk2 shift knob,ground control coilovers,koni yellow shocks,gsr master cylinder,gsr brake booster,gsr disc brakes,steel braided brake lines,ebc green stuff brake pads,70mm bbk throttle body,oem ctr exhaust manifold,b&m fuel pressure riser,short ram intake,2.5 in pipe with turn down before rear end(open header pretty much).visual's: only thing on car that doesnt make it go faster or handle better is si-r whale tail. car has a best time of 13.5 in the 1/4.

Album submitted: Saturday, January 4, 2003

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