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digitalxp's Photo album

1989' Red color, CRX Si

I am the first owner of this CRXsi, two weeks after he came out of the showroom, he was fitted with a new steering wheel and new rims...since then its been a never ending project. I started autocrossing this CRXsi as soon as I reached the 3000 mile mark winning various state and divisional championships.
Now we are participating in track events at Sebring, Homestead Speedway and Moroso in West Palm. This CRXsi is equiped with front and rear sway bars, Tokico springs and adjustable shocks, upper sway bar, headers, MSD, airflow, ss brakelines and drilled rotors and other mods like racing harness and special tires for the track.
My main concern now is to convert the rear drums with discs...drums just don't cut it anymore...I am planning on upgrading to a big brake kit.

Album submitted: Monday, April 28, 2003

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