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chrisv84's Photo album

1989' Yellow color, CRX Si

exterior:fibreglass hood (made to measure)
fibreglass body kit (made to measure)
fibreglass CRX Type R spoiler
17" chromeplated rims(Tom Motorsport)
Dynomax muffler
double exhaust
1.7" lowered(coil sping:apex, shock:GR2)

interior:2 racing seats(Tom Motorsport)
Bride steering

audio system: radio: pioneer Premier
speaker: 2 6x9 250W (Pioneer)
2 6.5" 160W (Pioneer)
sub: 2x250W RMS(phoenix gold)
amplifier: 500W RMS (phoenix gold)

engine: p-flow

Other: Stut bar

Future plans: GS-R engine

Album submitted: Monday, February 21, 2005

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