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CRXTASY's Photo album

1990' Silver color, CRX DX

Well the DX 1.5L engine blew out finally with 313,287 miles on it. It ran strong till the end but I have put in a SI 1.6L engine out of my friends CRX. He swaped to a B16A1 lucky butt! I have an S.S.S. Intake Pipe, Accel "Kool Flow" Filter with cold air pipe, MSD SCI Ingnition control, MSD SS Blaster Coil, Nology "Hot Wires" spark plug wire set, Nology performance Spark plugs, Skunk2 Exhaust Header, Custom welded 2 1/4 inch exhaust, Ractive Syclone Muffler, Skunk 2 Stage 1 Camshaft, AEM Fuel Rail, AEM Cam Gear, and Venom Intake Manifold. G-tech competition performance meter read 110 hp and 98 ft/lb of torque (averaged after 5 runs) with the stock setup. Now reads 140 hp and 113 ft/lb torque (averaged after 5 runs).

March 16, 2003 I got the ZC SOHC 1.6L put in. I have swaped everything over except the Camshaft, Intake Manifold, and Cam Gear which went with the old engine. I have added a Jackson Racing Supercharger and a oil cooling kit. The g-tech now reads 164 hp and 139 ft/lb torque (averaged after 5 runs).

Album submitted: Monday, January 6, 2003

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