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1991' Black color, CRX DX

1991 CRX DX
Auto to Stick conversion


-JDM B16a1 W/LSD tranny
-JDM integra radiator
-AEM short ram intake
-MSD 8.5mm wires
-Custom 2.5" pipping W/canister muffler


-Arospeed coilovers
-JDM integra xsi front brakes
-91 crx rear disc brakes
-Rear strut bar
-17" konig reign wheels (stock front for now)


-Grant steering wheel which detaches for safety
-5" autometer sportcomp tach with shift light
-R1 reclining seats
-Weapon R harnesses (Not installed yet)
-Autopower race roll bar with harness bar
-Greddy shift nob


-Piaa super whites
-Super white blinker bulbs
-Clear corners and bumber lights
-Fog lights

Album submitted: Thursday, April 8, 2004

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