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Honda Fit/Jazz Manual - Navigation

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  1. Clock Display Size and Location Adjustment T00
  2. GPS Antenna Removal Installation T00
  3. How to Troubleshoot the Navigation System T00
  4. Navigation AVN Unit Removal Installation T10
  5. Navigation System Circuit Diagram T00
  6. Navigation System Component Location Index T00
  7. Navigation System Description T00
  8. Navigation System Forced Starting of Display T00
  9. Navigation System Picture Diagnosis Test T10
  10. Navigation System Symptom Troubleshooting T00
  11. Navigation Unit DVD ROM Replacement T00
  12. Symptom Troubleshooting Audio driving instructions cannot be heard T04
  13. Symptom Troubleshooting No picture is shown on the display T01
  14. Symptom Troubleshooting Satellite mark in the GPS mark is not indicated T03
  15. Symptom Troubleshooting The picture is missing a Red Green or Blue color or tone T06
  16. Symptom Troubleshooting Vehicle position does not move on the map T05
  17. Vehicle Speed Signal Circuit Troubleshooting T00

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